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Vegetal Fantazy

Vegetal fantazy is an artistic work arising from the need to (re)nature oneself, to be attentive to nature and to the living beings that are plants. The simple fact of reinterpreting them, transforming their color, invites us to rediscover them and appreciate them again in all their beauty and complexity. More than a billion years separate us from the first plants. Plants are the first living things to come out of water. We live thanks to them and by the oxygen they brought to Earth.
Without them, it will be impossible for us to survive.

Obsessed with a rigorous framing, I realized that I could not have control of the subject. I understood that the studio work tries to demonstrate the domination of man over nature, isolating it, reducing it, constraining it, governing it in order to fit into the frame. When photographing on location, I preferred free nature, with its unstable order or stable disorder.
With humility, I worked with nature, without ever constraining it, but simply making room for myself to feel it better, by merging a natural environment and a vision that had become pictorial and digital.

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