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Our Plan(e)t:
A Plant

Banner proposal (large dimension) for COP28 - Dubai and/or UAE

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All images of the site are usable for video projection, printable, and usable on all types of media.

Vegetal Fantazy by Jeff Leal

We're at war with nature. If we win, we're lost.” H. Reeves

Plan(e)t = Plant t is an event concept that enhances the image of nature and especially of plants. Central to life on Earth, plants are the heart of our oxygen and biodiversity. Today they have become invisible and are sacrificed on the altar of modernity and progress.

Plan(e)t = Plant is an event concept consisting of two parts; it may or may not include an exhibition. This complementarity between photography and conference offers a field of reflection to the general public, based on artistic proposals where emotion awakenssensibilities:

1/ Photographic exhibition, Vegetal Fantazy is a collection of virtual and real images bringing together more than 365 imagesvisible on the website:


2/ Conferences focusing on the life of plants, and their involvement in many fields, in the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Plan(e)t = Plant is an exhibition and conference project for the general public of all countries, under the impetus of governmental or local institutions and private organizations. Learn to live with plants again, protect them, admire them and especially understand how to live with them again.


Objectives: to renature individuals, raise awareness of environmental protection, advise and provide polymorphic solutions, within the reach of everyone. Disseminate the idea of creating activities related to the idea of preservation and enhancement, reasoned adapted to each environment.


To get a different look at plants is to achieve a different behavior on the planet; it is to commit, for the survival of species, and not just for the strongest or the richest. It is building with the heritage of our past as human beings, a harmony between all forms of life for a viable future.


Commitment isthe key word of the Plan(e)t = Plant project

♣  Committing to the survival of the planet
♣  Engaging to raise awareness
♣  Engage in an artistic dynamic and work in the emotional field
♣  Committing for our children and future generations


The articulation of this floral dive is done in 3 points :

See otherwize,
Think otherwize,
Act otherwize.

©Tous droits réservés

secret life of plants 20220603_151816.jpg

The artistic work of Jeff Leal


Photo, Painting and Projections, as an emotional and visual introduction.

"Obsessed with strict framing, I realized that I could not control the subject. I understood that the work in the studio tries to demonstrate the domination of man over nature, isolating it, reducing it, binding it, regulating it so as to fit in the frame. While photographing on site, I preferred free nature, with its unstable order or its stable disorder. With humility, I worked with nature, without ever constraining it, butsimply make myself a small place to feel it better, merging a natural environment and a vision become pictorial and digital, mixing painting and photography, as 2 traditional and contemporary techniques.” J. Leal

About the author

Jeff Leal is a director, painter, photographer, poet, and screenwriter. He has lived for many years in Asia and South America and travels regularly around the world to raise awareness about nature.


He is now based in Paris.

Mail :
Phone & WhatsApp: +33(0) 6 82 03 74 20
Instagram: vegetalfantazy_jeff_leal_art

©Tous droits réservés

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